The People

We're a group of super-hospitable coffee lovers that want to share our experiences with you via hand-crafted deliciousness. Be our guests!

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The Product

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The Place

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Historic Downtown Clinton


The Purpose:

We strive to Extract Greatness out of fresh ingredients; turning every visit into a memorable, sensory experience. Our goal is to enlighten your mind and palate through education and mind-blowing Deliciousness. Be our Guest!

The Coffee:

We, as baristas preparing your drink, are the final set of hands to touch the coffee that you're about to enjoy. This comes with a substantial sense of responsibility to consistently deliver the most beautiful manifestation of the fruit, from which we are extracting liquid deliciousness! We take this responsibility very seriously. 
We have the utmost respect for the previous stewards of this coffee, whom put their talent, love, and energy into getting this amazing, little seed from the farmer's crop to your cup. We would love to further discuss our ideals on transparency of origin, ethical procurement, and the proper profiling of the coffees by any of our roasting partners with you! Just ask! We love a good coffee convo! 

We only work with select, small-batch craft coffee roasters.

We offer a seasonal, house espresso, Extract, roasted by our friends at Brandywine Coffee Roasters. Extract is a meticulously curated blend of single origin coffees that produce a sweet, floral beverage experience as espresso, and a syrup-y-sweet base to delicious milk drinks. Brewed in larger batches as drip coffee, expect the same smooth sweetness, finishing with a pleasant nuttiness. 


We also offer an ever-changing selection of single origin, craft coffee options from our featured roaster program! We select roasters whose values align with ours, and who we feel best highlight the seasonally-fresh coffees they choose to offer. 

We would love to talk coffee with you! Feel free to come chat with us, or send us any questions you may have via email! We look forward to hearing from you! 

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